Academic integrity at LU

Lund University policies

Lund University forms part of the international academic community. This means all students and staff at LU are expected to adhere to the set of values expressed in the following policy documents concerning respect , honesty and integrity:

In addition to central policies, all departments have regulations for their students concerning examination and written work, such as degree projects. In such guidelines, rules regarding referencing practices, for instance, will be outlined. As a student, you need to make sure to read and that you have understood the information available at your department. If in any doubt as to what rules apply, consult your teachers and supervisors.

Disciplinary measures

Staff at LU are required to report all cases of suspected cheating to the legal division of the University. When such a report is filed, it is reviewed by the Legal Division and the Vice-Chancellor decides whether to refer the matter to the LU Disciplinary Board.

According to Swedish Law, students can be suspended from Lund University for a period of up to six months.

Read about the disciplinary aspects of violation of the rules of academic integrity here:


Ouriginal [Urkund]

Like many other Swedish universities, Lund University has a campus licence for Ouriginal [Urkund], a software tool for plagiarism detection. Departments using Ouriginal will inform their students about this and provide instructions on how this tool is used.


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