Many or much? On the use of quantifiers

Quantifiers are words and expressions that are used to indicate the quantity of something, where this something is typically denoted by a noun. In terms of word classes, quantifiers are often regarded as pronouns, even though this categorisation may not seem intuitive to everyone. Please note that (cardinal) numbers (e.g. seven, twelve) are not quantifiers, but numerals. In the following sections you can read about the two most important of the English quantifiers, many and much, about other quantifiers with approximately the same use and meaning as many and much, and you can have a look at a table that is intended to summarise the quantifier situation in English. In these sections you will also be directed to contrastive information and to other AWELU sections where you can read up on important matters such as the difference between countable and uncountable nouns and the grammatical consequences that this difference has.
The rest of this section on quantifiers is organised as follows:
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