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As should be self-evident, a dictionary is an invaluable tool, not only for the language learner, but also when engaged in the writing process. Depending on the purpose of writing and the level of your proficiency, different types of dictionaries will be needed. Click on the link below to read about different types of dictionaries:The following provide links to monolingual dictionary resources (one language), bilingual dictionary resources (two languages) and multilingual dictionary resources (several languages).

Monolingual dictionaries

The following dictionary interactive search boxes are strong recommendations for monolingual dictionaries. Once you have entered the dictionary site, we strongly recommend that time is taken to browse around, as these dictionaries offer other resources, such as interactive exercises and other additional information. For example, the Cambridge Dictionaries Online consists of several types of dictionaries, featuring a choice between an advanced learner's dictionary, an idiom dictionary, and a phrasal verb dictionary. All these recommendations are also available in hard-copy and usually come with a complimentary disc for additional resources. The search boxes below are for your convenience.
  • Choose a dictionary of your preference and then type in an entry into the search box provided and click search:
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Another recommended monolingual dictionary is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The online version can be accessed through the link below:

Bilingual dictionaries

At times, there is a need to know the translation of a particular word of phrase. Strong recommendations for this type of resource when translating between Swedish and English are the comprehensive dictionaries published by Norstedts. 1. Hard copy
  • Stora engelsk-svenska ordboken (Norstedts)
  • Stora svensk-engelska ordboken (Norstedts)
The Norstedts series is also available in other languages. See:
2. Online resources For your convenience, a search box is provided for the online version of Norstedts for English and Swedish translating. Please note that this version is not as comprehensive as the volumes referred to above.
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    Norstedts ord

    Multilingual dictionaries

    There will be times where you will need to provide a translation between other languages than English and Swedish. The following are online resources that can aid in translating and which accommodate many languages. 1. This is a multi-lingual site that provides translations for words only. The available languages for translation are limited.2. The Translator provides the opportunity to select the appropriate language and type in either a word, a phrase, or a chunk of text.
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