Student writing resources

AWELU provides hands-on tips for students writing in English at university. The pages listed below are intended to help you identify issues in your own writing that you might need to work on.

Please note that AWELU provides information of a general nature and that you always need to make sure you follow any course instructions you have been given.

Focus on writing

As the focus of the AWELU platform is on writing, we do not discuss what can be referred to as the research process. Procedures for choosing topic, method and approach vary greatly between different fields and disciplines, and our focus is limited to writing. Research often goes hand in hand with writing, of course, and there are aspects that overlap.

Want to take a course?

The free online LU MOOC Writing in English at University aims to introduce you to conventions of academic writing in English and to help you put together your own “toolbox” of academic writing skills. Enrol here.

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