The AWELU platform is a resource for English academic writing. Academic writing is carried out in different traditions and contexts and for different purposes. One way to capture this diversity is to talk about different genres and text types. Here, we see genre as a way to try to classify different kinds of academic writing into various more or less conventionalised categories. Similarly, text types refer to typical formats of text organisation, and the traditional way in which texts follow norms of structure, style and layout. In this section, firstly, we have attempted to address the fundamental question of what academic writing is and the different perspectives one can take on the subject.Secondly, a number of commonly used written genres and text types - employed by undergraduate students, advanced students, and established scholars - are accounted for and discussed.Thirdly, a designated subsection on writing for publication has been compiled, giving insights into the nature, processes and procedures, and quirks of academic publishing. Finally, there is a subsection on writing for administrative purposes, specifically tailored towards some of the administrative writing that takes place at Lund University.
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