One characteristic of scholarly writing is that it is based on previous research within the field or within related fields. References need to be made to all sources that have been used,  according to accepted writing standards. The AWELU section on referencing provides information about the use of sources and about referencing from a writing perspective.

What kinds of sources are used in academic writing?

In order to use sources in a correct manner, writers need to know what kind of sources they are and how to refer to them. Get an overview of different kinds of sources here:

When and why are references provided?

Read more about the function of references in academic writing here:

How do I refer to sources?

There are different ways of giving references and of integrating them into a text. Read about how to quote, how to paraphrase and how to summarise here:

  • How to Give References

How do I get it right?

An important part of academic writing is exactness and correctness, not least in connection with referencing. Read more about this here:

How do I use referencing tools?

there are several software tools to help writers manage their references. Read about resources used at LU and find links to the ones which are recommended by LU Libraries:

What is a reference style and how do I use it?

There are a number of reference styles used in academic writing. The AWELU information has been divided into two pages: the first part offers general information about how to use a reference style and the second one contains introductory guides to some common reference styles:

How do I refer to people who have helped me?

Authors thank individuals and institutional or financial bodies for support in so-called acknowledgements. Read about how to write such texts:

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