Meeting terminology

Terms related to people in the meeting


/ attendees


those who attend the meeting are listed
as 'present' or 'attendees'. 

apologies /

those who have been called to a meeting
but cannot attend are listed as having sent

chair /

person in charge of the meeting. These terms
are gender-neutral and more widely used than 
chairman or chairwoman.


person who called the meeting

secretary /

person who takes minutes
co-opted memberperson who is invited to a meeting because
of their specific knowledge (Swedish adjungerad)

Common terms in meeting minutes


any other business (AOB)

an item on the agenda where members may
introduce items (proposals, motions, questions)
not originally intended to be discussed

date of next meeting

decision made in the meeting on a date for the
next meeting

minutes approved by

attendees of a meeting agree that the
minutes for the previous meeting accurately
reflect what was said [Swedish justeras]
extraordinary meetingan extra meeting in addition to the normal
abstentionthe act of neither supporting nor rejecting a
to table an itemto decide that an item or part of it will be
discussed at a later meeting
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